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News: Dejan Zavec Returns; Amasheh, Djendji Clash For WBF Title

Ljubljana, October 24th – The year 2012 was not really Dejan Zavec’s best year. After he outboxed Bethuel Uushona in March in his own country and won the WBO Inter Continental welterweight title, the former IBF welterweight World Champion’s (2009-2011) path back to the top was halted by injuries and planned bout in O2 World Arena in Berlin at the end of August was cancelled. But he is all better now – his elbow surgery in September was successful – and is awaiting new, exciting challenges.

His position on several well known and respected boxing ranking lists gives him the confidence that the best is yet to come. The man, who is ranked among the top 5 welterweightboxers on several boxing ranking lists (IBF, WBO, The Ring, ESPN), is hoping for a worthy opponent in the next few months. “I just can’t wait to get back in the ring,” said Zavec (his professional boxing record is 32-2).

Venue is not the issue, huge respect for his fans
When asked about the preferred location of the next bout, Zavec said that he has no issue with travelling abroad. “USA, UK … It is not so important. I went to South Africa to get my first World Champion title and – contrary to the ‘unwritten rule’ about the challenger coming to the challenged – to the USA to defend it for the fourth time. That is OK with me,” explained Zavec. And that is although the fact he loves boxing at home, in Slovenia, in front of sold out crowds (twice he attracted 13.000 people). “I have the best fans in the world and I know they would follow me everywhere. They were in Biloxi and they were awesome although it didn’t end like we expected. I have huge respect for them,” added “Jan Zaveck”, as he is also known internationally. He continued that sporting motive will be the biggest criteria when deciding about his next step. “I want to challenge the top welterweight fighters. Respect to everyone, but I’m also in the game.”

Unfinished business
Zavec does not hide his wish for another go in the boxing homeland – the United States of America. The “Battle in Biloxi” against Andre Berto was a great experience for him, but it didn’t end the way he wanted it to end. But nevertheless, Zavec got a lot of new admirers. “I speak very sincerely when I say that I like admire the heritage boxing has in the USA. I also still have unfinished business and a big point to prove there. I didn’t get what I was looking for when I first came there and hope to change that in the near future,” said the best boxer in history of Slovenia.

No time to tweet, Paulie
“I always want to test my limits,” he continued and pointed out that the names of the fighters that would be a real challenge for him are not a secret: “All the current champions – Bradley, Alexander, Malignaggi – and of course the other biggest names like Cotto, Mayweather jr., Pacquaio.” The Slovenian is ready to pack his things “today” if he gets the call to compete against the best of the fighters out there. As a fan of Twitter, Zavec has a special message for the other social media fan, #TK Paul Malignaggi: “Paulie, I promise you I wouldn’t give you the time to tweet between rounds,” said Zavec in laughter and congratulated the current WBA welterweight champion for retaining his title in the previous days. He hopes to earn a similar chance soon, although he knows that not everything is up to him. “The final decisions are in the hands of my manager. But I have already made my wishes public a few times before, so this is not something really new,” revealed Zavec, who follows what’s happening in the world of boxing regularly.

Clean fights, Gentlemen!
“I don’t like all the news regarding the doping in boxing. It’s not good for the image of our sport. Clean fights, Gentlemen!” said Zavec, who welcomed Ricky Hatton’s return to boxing and is also happy for Boxers from Europe who are getting more and more recognition. “It’s nice to see Ricky back. It will be tough to get back to the top, but I wish him the best. Applause also goes to boxers such is Brook, Senchenko or Aydin for their promotion of European boxing,” said the 36-year-old boxer.

“If you want a good fight, you know where to find me,” concluded Zavec in his style – with a big smile on his face. No wonder Dejan is also known as “Mr. Sympathikus” in boxing circles. His former coach, who gave him the nickname, explains: “Even when the situation is getting harder and tougher, he always surprises with a smile!”

Amasheh, Djendji Clash For WBF Intercontinental Title

Undefeated German Raja Amasheh is set for her first championship bout, when she squares off with former world title-challenger Fjleis Djendji from Serbia for the vacant World Boxing Federation Intercontinental Flyweight title on Saturday (October 27) in Sankt Ingbert, Germany.

Having gone 13-0-1 (3) against nondescript opposition in the pro ranks, Amasheh will undoubtedly be in with her sternest test in Djendji, who is 14-14-1 (8) against some of the best boxers in the world. Amasheh has yet to go more than six rounds, while Djendji has been eight rounds three times, and ten rounds twice.

Originally from Jordan, Amasheh immigrated to Germany with her family in 1982, only three months old. Growing up, she first excelled in Kickboxing, winning a world championship in 2008 before switching permanently to regular boxing.

In the amateurs she was a finalist in the 2007 and 2008 German national championships, and she turned pro in November 2008 with a draw against current WIBF World Champion Oezlem Sahin, who was already 6-0 at the time. Since then she has won all her fights in impressive style, and is now ready for her first title-shot.

Also turning pro in 2008, Fleis Djendji got off to a so-so start to her paid career, compiling a modest 4-4 record that year, although against very good opposition. Her career in general has been very much up and down, losing as much as she wins, but always tough and able to compete with the world’s elite.

In 2011, Djendji came up short in a challenge for the WBO Super Flyweight World title against Carolina Raquel Duer in Argentina, and she is aware that a victory over Amasheh could bring her close to a new crack at a world championship.

A victory for Amasheh could determine if she is ready for the next step, so the battle lines have been drawn for a true crossroads fight!

The Raja Amasheh vs. Fleis Djendji WBF Intercontinental Flyweight title fight in Sankt Ingbert will be promoted by Oliver Heib and his Dog Event Boxing.