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Brixton Heavyweight Ian “Layemout” Lewison was left seething at the weekend after reading Sam Sexton announcing on twitter that fighting Lewison was beneath him (as Ian was too lowly rated) and he was not interested.

This is despite the Lewison v Sexton match being mandated for the Southern Area title (going out to purse bids) and Lewison’s promoter Steve Goodwin asking the board to sanction this as an eliminator for the English/British title.

A seething Lewison said. Samantha has cited two reasons for avoiding me 1) I am not good enough to fight him and 2) I am looking for a payday

Let me dispense this nonsense:

1) I am rated 84 in the world. Sextons three bums he has fought this year have won a combined total of 22 bouts out of over 100 they have previously fought in.

2) If Sexton comes to London for the fight I am prepared to beat him for free so he can get one final payday.

3) If he wants my promoter and his promoter can lodge £25,000 each as a purse with winner taking all.

Lewison’s promoter Steve Goodwin said “It is very difficult with Ian. I have been trying to get him a meaningful fight. Richard Towers says he will fight Ian for the right money but he has Lucas Browne first. I have spoken to Martin Rogan but am awaiting a response but this from Sam Sexton is laughable. I am quite happy to lodge £25,000 if Sexton’s promoter wants to do the same. Lets cut the rubbish out Sam Sexton is afraid to fight Ian as he knows he has a major risk of losing. Its not about rankings or money. We are happy to do it in Norwich or London. Lets get it on.”

Lewison finished off with “Sam Sexton is an embarrassment to heavyweight boxing. He wants to keep fooling the public by fighting these journeyman. I am not interested in journeymen. I want credible fights. I will even let Sexton come to the ring in his dress and frilly panties if he wants”.