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Pacman to Host Manny Pacquiao National Boxing Championships

 Pacman to Host Manny Pacquiao National Boxing ChampionshipsNo, Manny Pacquiao National Boxing Championships is not a title of a video game or some upcoming book or movie about Manny Pacquiao, it’s an actuality event that Manny himself plans on promoting and even hosting himself in Manila in order to scout out top grade boxing talent.

According to a recent report, the event will feature eight boxing teams from all over the country, to pit eight boxers in eight weight categories, and fight from six to eight rounds in rotation matches among winners. The winner will be awarded with a Manny Pacquiao Trophy and a cash grant of P100,000 each.

This will most certainly be a very successful boxing event or show in the Philippines, but will it gain any international attention?

Manny Pacquiao is a worldwide recognized name, and has been used to promote and sell too many items to mention. But does Pacquiao’s involvement in this championship series guarantee that it will be worth the time taken to watch? Probably not.

I assume that Manny is planning to retire from fighting sooner rather than later, but is not ready to leave the sport for good. This could be his way to step up his promotional game and try to find a countryman who can become the next world champion under the MP Promotions label.

While Philippines no doubt has talent, with their level of poverty and people turning to prizefighting to make a living, the sorting and finding a boxing gem might turn out to be a very long process. On the other hand, who knows, maybe the next Manny Pacquiao is wrapping his hands right now to prove himself at Pacquiao’s event.

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