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Top Rank’s Bob Arum Boasts Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao Confidence

Bob Arum may be the only one in the entire world to be so confident that Mayweather Jr. will soon face his pride and glory Manny Pacquaio, but who is Arum trying to convince? Himself or the boxing community?

“I think that fight will eventually happen. We are certainly open to the fight happening and we are prepared to sit down with the Mayweather team at any time and work out terms,” stated Arum.

Unfortunately sitting and discussing the details is something that has been attempted before, and as we are all aware, it did not get far. At this point, Mayweather Jr. would be asking for more than he ever did before, and with the fact that a huge chunk of Pacquiao’s payday belongs to Top Rank, I doubt that both Pacquiao and Arum would be willing to suffer a considerable earnings drop, especially with a ton of other options to make colossal paydays out there.

Arum’s thinking is nonetheless plausible: “He (Mayweather) would figure ‘Why don’t I do those three fights (Showtime) for the easy money and then in 2016, with my 50th fight, I could beat the (49-0) record of Marciano by fighting Pacquiao’,” said Arum.

If Mayweather Jr. will indeed cross the ropes to face Pacquiao at some point in time, it is likely to be towards the end of his career. In this respect, Arum might be onto something. Facing Pacquiao as his 50th opponent, would not only add significance to the fight, but would likely promote it that much more to where some monetary benefit would shine through as well.

Of course this idea would be a reasonable one only if both Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr. stay on top.

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