Joshua ďHitterĒ Clottey speaks out on Corrales fight

joshua clottey05.04.07 - By Phillip Pastrano/John Martinez, This Saturday night, April 7th, SHOWTIME NETWORK will broadcast live from The Shrine Mosque in Springfield, MO beginning at 9PM ET/PT to showcase Diego ď ChicoĒ Corralesí welterweight debut against top contender, Joshua ďHitterĒ Clottey in a scheduled ten round clash.

This afternoon I spoke with Clottey as he was preparing to board his flight from New York to Missouri for Saturday nightís face-off. He touched briefly on his past hand problems, the looming battle with Corrales, and more.

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to me on your busy week for your fight Saturday night. What are your thoughts going into your fight?

Well right now I have not been thinking too much because I donít know. Heís been telling people that heís coming to fight and this and that and that heís going to jab me and just (inaudible) I just donít know what heís coming to do. So Iím waiting for the day just to see what heís going to do and thatís it.

How was training camp? Was it any different as when you prepared for Margarito? Tell us a little bit about training for Diego.

Even if I get a fight, a fight where itís an unknown boxer or a nobody, my training is my training. Itís normal. I wake up in the morning and go jogging (inaudible) miles. Then I go to the gym and spar. And thatís how I train. So every time that I am in a fight I am in good condition.

The last time you were in training camp preparing for Margarito, you hurt your hand two weeks before the fight. What have you done this time to avoid a repeat of this type of injury?

I was surprised that when I went to Africa. I was (inaudible) African medicine. When I came back hear I was hitting pads and sparing and I never hurt the hand. I never feel the pain before. The hand is 100% sure. But you know, you donít know what might happen in boxing. I never feel pain now to tell you the truth. I donít know until I get into the ring what is going to happen. But Iím very sure thatís its not going to happen because right now its 100% good.

Well you were saying earlier how you like to get up and do roadwork. Iíve read you like to run 10+ miles per day. Weíve interviewed other fighters and their trainers who say they donít do roadwork as much anymore they do the indoor running. Do you think there is an advantage to all this roadwork as opposed to doing it in the gym?

I think that running on a treadmill is different. When you are running on the road itís very hard. You know the road is very hard. When you run on that you feel good. When your running all of your body is feeling strong. Thatís why I like running outside. I donít like running in treadmill. I always liked going to the road and run. Because if I run far, when I am coming back I will run two blocks each and then walk like one block and then sprint another like that. Thatís why I like running outside.

Where do you train now and who is your trainer?

I train where I live in the Bronx at Johnís Gym. My trainer is Kwame Asante. Heís from my country but he lives here now. Heís been my trainer for four years.

Lets talk about Diego Corrales. What do you think are Diegoís weaknesses going into the ring with you?

Well we all know that he canít take a punch. Thatís all that I know about him that is bad is that he canít take a punch. Also his head is straight. He never puts his head down. So if he is really coming to fight with me like that then heís going to have a problem. And he never took a body shot. So I donít know the exact thing that is going to happen in the ring. I donít know what he is coming to do.

Do you think now that he has a new trainer itís going to be different for him?

You know that is not my problem. I like Joe Goosen very well when Diego fought Castillo. But what he did for Diego was fantastic because if not for him Diego was going to loose that fight. Changing trainer to a different trainer is not my problem. But I know his trainer. When I was going to fight with Margarito and I was in the camp I saw his trainer and he always (told) me that I am very good. I donít think that trainers fight for a boxer. I donít think that when a trainer tells you do this and this and that but when you go into the ring you have to use your own head. I donít believe that trainers can do all that. They can do a lot of things but not that much.

What advantage(s) do you feel Corrales carries with him coming into this fight?

Everybody knows that when you hit and he goes down, that he will come back up. When he goes down you know he is going to get back up and that means he is a warrior. Heís a very good fighter. But this is a different thing all together. He is coming to 147 lbs. and maybe he canít take the punches because heís putting on weight. Maybe it will affect him. So we will see what is going to happen.

With three days to go and the media starting to pay attention to this fight. How are you keeping your focus on Diego?

Well I am very, very focused because I need to win badly whether itís by knockout or decision I need to win very, very much.

I know you donít want to look past Corrales. But if you were to win against him what do you see happening after this fight?

I am always going to fight with the best. So if I win this fight I hope definitely that I will get a title fight. But if I donít I will still be in there fighting with the best guys.

If you could name a fighter you would want to fight next who would that be?

If Margarito is going to give me a rematch then that is the fight I am going to choose. Because I know that I can beat him. With Cotto and other guys Iíll fight them anytime (inaudible) but right now I need a title. So anybody who gets one of the titles I want to fight him.

One last question. Do you have anything you would like to say to the public before Saturday nightís fight with Diego Corrales?

I just want to say to the boxing world to watch me fight this Saturday night and to watch and see what I can do because I have a lot. Thanks very much.

Thanks again Joshua and good luck to you on Saturday night. On behalf of, I would like to thank Joshua Clotteyís manager, Vinny Scolpino for arranging this interview and also to Boxingrealmís Michael Demmie for his assistance with this discussion.

Article posted on 05.04.2007

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