The reincarnation of Roy Jones Jr…!

Roy Jones Jr.By P.H. Burbridge (A voice in a crowd) -- November 8th is fast approaching and I’ve got this feeling that we’re in for a very interesting fight between Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones Jr. I have this sense that Jones is going to do a number on Calzaghe. Frankly, I think Jones is going to give Calzaghe a beating. In my opinion this is a bad style match up for Joe and I expect that will become all too apparent very early into this fight.

For years I’ve been telling people that Calzaghe was legit and would dominate the best we had here in the states. That is everyone EXCEPT Roy Jones Jr! Of course, at the time I never thought this fight would get made. Jones is a boxing virtuoso and people forget how dominant he was. Five or six years ago this wouldn’t have even been a fight and anyone who thinks differently needs to go to You Tube and watch some Roy Jones footage from that era. Don’t take my word for it. Just go educate yourself and get back to us. I think most of us already know the answer!

However, things have changed. Now, some time has passed and RJ has had a reversal of fortune. People question his chin. This is a man who won the heavyweight championship of the world. An unprecedented accomplishment in the modern era. This man’s speed in his prime made Floyd Mayweather Jr. look like he was fighting in slow motion. He had Meldrick Taylor like speed but WITH power. The guy WAS Bruce Lee!! Back then people complained about his level of competition I know because I was one of them but the eyes don’t lie. Jones was able to deliver UNBELIEVABLE combinations with exceptional power, speed and accuracy. He was able to keep a full fledge heavyweight off of him all night long. I don’t care what anyone say’s about Roy Jones Jr he was and is a GREAT fighter. Even at this stage I don’t think he’s slipped enough to allow Calzaghe to beat him. I also think Jones did the right thing by letting some time pass and slowly working his way back in to form. He’ll never be the same due to his age but certainly not due to his will. Now, if Joe had more power I might be persuaded to back off of this prediction but the 32 KO’s on his record are somewhat misleading.

He’s not a big puncher.

Joe Calzaghe has proven to be an excellent fighter but he does not have the physical gifts that Roy Jones Jr has. Frankly, no one does. What Joe does have is an INCREDIBLE work ethic and his punch output is amazing. He’s been a marathon runner fighting sprinters. Calzaghe entered the American consciousness when he “humbled” Jeff Lacy back in 2006. That fight along with his lopsided victory with Mikkel Kessler put him on the map in America. He then went on to beat Bernard Hopkins in a very, VERY close fight. However, getting dumped in the 1st round by a Hopkins right hand really opened my eyes. It wasn’t a great punch. I don’t think Bernard would say it was a great punch but it hurt Joe and he looked pretty buzzed when he got up. Partly embarrassed and partly cold Calzaghe to his credit got up and forced the action for most of the rest of that fight. That busy style will beat Hopkins every time but he’ll be playing right into Jones’ hands if uses that approach in their fight. Joe simply doesn’t have enough power to hurt Jones. But, on the flip side I do think Roy can and will hurt Joe. Especially to the body. Joe will attempt to do the only thing he really knows how to do and that is to throw punches in bunches. The problem is that the flashier harder shots will be landed by Jones and that will not only get the fans going but it will also make an impression on the judges. Jones will give the appearance that he is winning the close rounds. The end fight punch stats may favor Joe but Jones will win on effective aggressiveness.

If you can’t hurt Jones then you can’t beat him! It’s as simple as that and I don’t think Joe’s power measures up to Antonio Tarver’s or Glen Johnson’s. Recent statements made by Calzaghe indicate that he will be focusing more on his power in this fight realizing that the approach he used against Hopkins won’t work against Roy Jones. He’s 100% right about that but the problem is that he doesn’t have enough power to make a difference. I see Joe reverting back and trying to get on the inside throwing his normal arm punches all night long. That will open him up for Jones’ flashier combinations. Calzaghe may land 5-6 slapping punches but Jones will land 3-4 well placed hard shots that will get all the attention. Joe’s face will also show the signs of Roy’s cleaner more precise shots. Jones isn’t going to try and keep pace with Calzaghe. He doesn’t have to. Calzaghe will be hit cleaner in this fight then in any of his previous fights. Jones will pick Calzaghe apart while creating just enough distance to land his left hook to the body. Calzaghe’s punch output will be much lower than usual for this fight.

Let’s also not forget Calzaghe is not a young fighter himself. He’s 36 years old and you can’t point to Jones’ age without also pointing to Calzaghe’s. His last fight against Hopkins wasn’t very impressive and I think Jones looked much better against Trinidad. Calzaghe’s corner is also an area of concern. This may turn out to be another situation where the corner is exposed. Enzo Calzaghe regardless of his success with his Son has never developed a fight plan against a foe as talented as Jones. You can count that he’ll send Joe out with exactly the same game plan that he’s always sent him out with. It been working so far, right?? Well, it WON’T work against Jones! In the corner, Jones has the advantage as well with Alton “Coach” Merkerson. Merkerson is an excellent tactician and focused trainer as well as mentor with the same type of positive impact on Jones that Nazim Richardson has had on Bernard Hopkins. They know what their fighters can and cannot do.

So, here it is!

Jones by UD or late round stoppage!

I’m on record telling you exactly who I think will win this fight. Roy Jones Jr winning shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.

He’s the more talented fighter pure and SIMPLE!

Article posted on 29.10.2008

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