'In Lamon's Terms': Lamon Brewster Talks About Seldon, Klitschko, And His Future!

brewster25.11.08 - Interview by Vivek Wallace: On Saturday night in Indianapolis, Indiana, current NABA heavyweight champion Lamon Brewster will take on former WBA heavyweight champion, Bruce Seldon. After climbing his way up the ranks, becoming the WBO heavyweight champion by knocking out Wladimir Klitschko back in 2004, injuries found a way to slow his progress, and to an extent, his career. Four years and six fights later, Brewster has finally found good health, as well as what he believes will be the blueprint to lad him right back where he feels he belongs. That highly coveted location is at the top of the sport. Eager to prove his mettle to the world, talking both fight game and fight promotions, here's what Lamon had to say:

VW: Hey Champ, how's it going? How's everything?

LB: Everything's great, just getting prepared for Bruce Seldon next week. Everything's great, I feel good..

VW: Now, you've dealt with some very key injuries at this point in your career. How's the body feeling in your preparation for this upcoming fight?

LB: Well, there was a 15 month layoff, with 6 of those months literally laying down, totally inactive from the eye surgery dealing with the detached retina in my left eye. Then there was another layoff due to the shoulder injury, so those were huge setbacks. Now I'm pretty active again. This will be my second fight in 2 months, and I plan to keep that average, fighting again in February or so, which I think will help people to see the Lamon that no one wanted to fight when I was champion before. The B-list fighters would welcome the opportunities, but none of the A-listers would call my name. That's the level I plan to get back to real soon. It was frustrating coming off of the two losses in a row. The Lyakhovich fight was tough, basically fighting for 11 rounds blind in one eye. After that injury and long layoff, I came back to take on Klitschko before I was probably ready, forcing me to battle conditioning and so forth. But now is different. Being out of my contract with King, I have the opportunity to come along at my own pace. I'm not being put in against the top dogs without proper preparation. I'm now able to stay active and knock off that rust fighting the right kind of fights. Not guys who are gonna fall out when I hit them, but guys who are gonna make me think, make me sweat, and make me work, building myself back up. 99.9% of being a champion is confidence, so this time I've taken to heal myself gives me a chance to remove whatever doubt was there.

VW: Are there any special preparations or wrinkles thrown into your training as you lead up to this fight?

LB: Well, you know, different trainers in my past brought out different things but never let me bring out what I can really do. Now, I'm back with one of my original trainers who trained me when I initially fought Klitschko, Shadeed Suluki, who was assistant to the great Bill Slayton who trained Norton and Dokes. Now you get to see the best of who I am. I'm more mature, I've been in more wars in the ring and outside of the ring, so I can finally pair that wisdom with that brute strength and energy you saw years ago. Evander Holyfield once said something that totally changed the way I approach the fight game. He said "I don't beat guys with my muscles, I beat them with my mind". That's the approach I plan to use. I don't want to be what Muhammad Ali referred to when he spoke of the heavyweights in his day as "stereotypical dinosaurs". Some guys try to use their big muscles instead of their minds. I plan to approach my opponents using my mind. I can think of another saying at my old gym that said "old age and treachery will soon overcome youth and strength". I plan to bring that to life by using my wisdom in the ring.

brewsterVW: Tell me what are your thoughts on Bruce Seldon.

LB: Well, power is the last thing to go. He'll be strong, but hey, we both have big guns, but it's not about the big guns, it's about whose guns are most effective.

VW: I noticed that you said you want to stay active and knock off any rust there. How many tune-ups do you forecast before you try to fight for another strap?

LB: One more fight, hopefully by February. After that, I'll be ready. There are a lot of up and coming guys but none of them have really been tested.

VW: Speaking of new guys, what are your thoughts on David Haye?

LB: He's in the division at a great time, but personally, I haven't seen enough of him to really evaluate. No, he's not as big as some of the heavyweights but back in the day, heavyweights were naturally smaller than we see now, so if he has the skills and he can do it, more power to him. I will say this though, he hasn't ran up against me, so may he stay clear, I wish him the best and can't evaluate him until I see more of him.

VW: Switching gears, I wanted to talk a minute about your promotional company. As great as Don King, Arum, Oscar, Goosen and the others have been, you're doing something that none of them have considered and I think it could eventually revolutionize the promotional game as it relates to the sport itself. Tell me about your operations.

LB: From the beginning of time, the sport of boxing has never had a fighter not listen to music. Black, white, Puerto Rican, Mexican, whatever, you name it; In the ring, on the way to the ring, leaving the ring, they all have and love music. The point I'm making, boxing and music go hand in hand, so all I wanted to do was go a step further and marry the two. Instead of giving fans just a fight card, I'm giving them an event. A total package. Some non-fight fans may not care for the fight, and thoroughly enjoy the performing acts, or vice versa, so it's more of an actual event than just a boxing card. And it's highly notable acts that I get to perform which is great because fans get a chance at the shows to not only meet and mingle with the fighters, but the artist they love as well. Basically it's concerts and performances along with the actual fight cards. It's total entertainment with many different acts that will vary and definitely entertain everyone in attendance.

VW: That sounds solid champ. Before we wrap up, I just wanted to know if you have any parting words for the readers out there?

LB: When I defeated Klitschko in the first fight, everyone gave up on him and I told them, just because he got beat doesn't mean he's a bum. He worked hard, and was dedicated, but now that he's back on top, people think he's the greatest thing since pecan pie. That being said, we're one and one. I knocked him out. He was carried out of the ring and to the hospital. In the 2nd fight, I wasn't wobbled, I never got a standing 8-count, and I didn't stumble or anything. I was swelling up and my corner ended the fight. At this point, we can't get along so we gotta get it on. We have to have that rubber match for the people. In '09, I'm putting everyone on notice, I'm knocking everyone in their with me out! So now you've been told. If I can't work and make it I'm gonna fight and take it. I'm hungry, I have 4 kids and a wife, so being denied is the last thing I'm gonna let happen. Also, don't let anyone out there tell you that you can't do something you believe you can do. If God is for you, can't no one be against you.

At this point, the interview wrapped up, but as you just heard from the horses mouth, the official climb back to the top for Lamon Brewster continues. That continuation reconvenes Saturday night in Indianapolis, Indiana. Stay tuned.

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Article posted on 25.11.2008

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