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03.01.05 - By Ron "Champ" Miller: Hello fight fans! The champ is back on the scene, whether you like it or not. The man who tells it like it is. Man of the hour, to sweet to be sour! Alot of people don't like me. That is fine. Like the professional athlete that is booed, I thrive on it. I'm quite sure they would not say anything to my face. We could probably even have a beer together, discussing the sweet science. But I'm not running for office. I'm writing a boxing column. People know what they will get here. I don't kiss asses or bend over backwards for anyone. Like my idol Howard Cosell, I am a legend on the internet..

People have to talk about the champ, good or bad. I make you think. I put you on pins and needles. You scour the internet, hoping to read the champ’s work. You open the newspaper, hoping to see “Champ’s corner”. You turn on the TV, praying to see any news about me. You turn on the radio, hoping to hear my voice. You can't wait for my column. Well I'm back. Deal with it.

Its been a while since your humble correspondent has picked up a pen. It’s been a number of reasons. “Politricks” as the great Lennox Lewis used to say. Boredom, and I’ve been doing this for a long time. Breaks are common, but this seems to have been excessive, even permanent. I couldn’t let my public down like that I have gotten numerous phone calls, email’s, instant messages, and snail mail’s asking me what is up (thank you all). Well not a whole lot. Boxing has had it’s peaks but more often than not, valley’s. Since then, many writers are on the scene, trying to duplicate my style. It doesn't work. I'm an original. An American original to boot. I see too many websites and people taking this stuff way too seriously. Chill out!!! It's a sport, nothing more or less.

I always find it amusing that people think this is their life or something. No, only a few of us make any kind of money doing this. It's a hobby!!! We do this for the love of the game. We all know there are only a few sites that are at the top of the food chain. The rest are on the bottom looking for scraps.

Boxing has picked up after a period of "inactivity". Ole Roy Jones Jr. was exposed as the fraud that he was with two crushing losses to journeymen bums. That's right I said it. He was knocked out!!! I was never high on Tarver or Johnson. Years of handpicking opponents and taking on mediocre opposition caught up with ole Roy. I don't feel sorry for him. Perhaps he can go back to fighting dogs and his cocks. His claim to fame is beating Johnny "Louise" Ruiz, Mr. grab and jab. Mr. Hold on for dear life. Pathetic.

I thought Antonio “Big Mouth” Tarver edged out Glen Johnson, but it was no robbery by any sorts.

Who would have thought Johnson is the winner of the rd robin between two of the top lightweights of our era, Jones and Tarver. Amazing indeed.

Looks like Tito "cheato" Trinidad is back on the scene. He looked good, albeit a bit soft at the new weight, against someone who stood in front of him, swinging away. Let him in their with a boxer and they will pick him apart with movement and sharp jabs. He was favored to put away the one dimensional Mayorga. Mayorga will be back. He is as retired as I am. And Oscar still beat you, cheato. Did anyone check Trinidaddy's gloves?

That man won’t be Winky ”Stinky” Wright. He’s a nice kid, but beating a shot/never was “Juicer” like Shane Mosley really isn’t much of a feat. Like Chris Byrd, he may be too high on himself. Tito would put him to sleep. His claim to fame are 3 fights with Bronco McKart and losing to an out of shape Fernando “FernandoMania” Vargas. Anyone for McKart-Wright IV?

Speaking of the golden boy, kudos for pulling the fight off with Berny, but he should have used more movement. Bad game plan, trying to trade with Hops. I still think he laid down with that body shot. He looked fine afterwords. All in all a boring fight, but Hops has got scoreboard over Tito and DLH. Not bad, indeed.

As far as Mike Tyson goes, I have always said he should have "hung em up" years ago. This is a man who has mental problems and he should deal with those, instead of being our “car wreck”. You know, the one we have to stare at when it happens on the freeway? We are seeing the end of Tyson. It will end badly for a man who squandered his money and talent away, years ago. Sad.

Another guy who needs to retire is Evander "Holyhypocrit" Holyfield. The "Holyman" lost to Larry "Legend" Donald, then was suspended by the NYAC. Good call. What more can Holy prove? Why go on?

Vitali ”Hans” Quitsko, and Wlad ”Frans” (no chin) are ruining the scene. These euro stiffs, better knows as the Klitschko brothers are bums. Vitali, you lost to the great Lennox Lewis. Get over yourself. I always thought more of big brother than little brother. Time will tell, but don’t forget, if they were not white, they would be forgotten. I only wish the Lion would come back and take care off business, but he is retired now.

Champs flurries: Anyone bet on the Kawashima-Navarro fight? I liked the Japanese, but didn’t pull the trigger. USC looks pretty good as well, as the money is coming in on Oklahoma. I still believe that USC is the best college team for the last 3 yrs. And no, I’m no So. Cal fan. Well, another yr, and my Eagles are done. Cursed? Perhaps, but more like karma in my opinion. Terrell ”TO” Owens brought this upon himself. The steelers look real tough, especially with the home field advantage. Looks like another tough yr for the Dodgers. And” Laker fans, ohhhh Laker fans”!!! You want Kobe, you got him. He won’t win another championship without the big man who thriving in Miama now. I never understood how millionaires could act like kids. Enjoy your money and fame and shutup!!!

I am always surprised on how many message boards that Americans are despised. I never knew this. Of course it’s not like we were ever loved by everyone, but since our great President GW Bush took office, its been really bad. These euro foreigners (especially those Frenchies!), usually say they hate Bush or our government, but I know better. Jealousy rears it’s ugly head again. Not everyone can be the greatest country in the world!! No, we all are not mindless, redneck zombies who voted for Bush. John”JFK” (Just for Kerry) Kerry was not the answer. Anyone but Bush? Yeah, that’s really smart. Is America flawed, with mistakes in the past and present? Sure, but what county isn’t? Having been around the world, there is no place I would rather live. Everyone wants to come here. Not France, or Germany or Australia or New Zealand, but here. They know the deal. What’s worse is the people that live here, who badmouth our great nation. Love it or leave it, I say. And you can take that to the bank.

Speaking of message boards, you will find real fans there. There are a few knuckleheads, but for the most part, good people. I will soon tell you about a girl in Toronto that I have had my eye on for years. Stay tuned!!! Lastly, I want to call out a few yellow, spineless cockroaches, that have been avoiding me for years, why I have no idea. Larry G. and Shant D. I always treated these “men” (and I use that term lightly) with respect and dignity, defending them at times. Now I’m sorry I ever did.

That’s it fight fans!!! Keep your hands up, and keep punching for the stars!! And as my old shop teacher used to say, “Everyday’s a holiday”!!

Article posted on 03.01.2005

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