Carl Froch: ďIf you put myself and Arthur Abraham into a computer, 10 times out of 10 that computer says Carl Froch is the winnerĒ

by Geoffrey Ciani - This weekís 97th edition of On the Ropes Boxing Radio featured an exclusive interview with former WBC super middleweight Carl ĎThe Cobraí Froch (26-1, 20 KOs), who suffered his first defeat against Mikkel Kessler (43-2, 32 KOs) last time out in Group Stage 2 of the Super Six super middleweight tournament. Froch is slated to face Arthur Abraham (31-1, 25 KOs) in Group Stage 3 on November 27 in Helsinki, Finland. Froch spoke about his upcoming fight, reflected on his career, and provided his views on various aspects of the current boxing landscape. Here is what he had to say:

On training and preparations for his November 27 fight against Arthur Abraham:

ďYeah, training has been going excellent. Iím very happy with the camp Iíve had. Iíve still got a few weeks left yet to fine tune all my sparring and get my heavy sparring done. I got another month for that and Iíll be in tip-top shape.Ē

His views on Arthur Abraham as a fighter:

ďHeís alright. Heís a decent opponent, short and stocky, he likes to bang you out, and thereís not really much to say about him. Heís very crude. Heís not majorly skillful. You know what you get what Arthur Abraham. Heís going to come, heís going to stand in front of me, and heís going to try and take me to the later rounds and try and bang me out. Heís talking maybe about doing something different, but I donít know if you can teach an old dog new tricks. What you see is what you get with him. He got easily outboxed by Dirrell. Obviously Iím not Dirrell, but Iím going to certainly be trying to box and move. Early on at least weíll see how that goes, and then if necessary I might step in and throw some big shots. But weíll see how the fight goes. It depends on what he brings to the table.Ē

On what he thinks of Abrahamís last effort against Andre Dirrell:

ďWhat did I think about it? Nothing much, to be honestóhe totally got whopped, and obviously he threw an illegal blow later on which got himself disqualified.Ē

On whether he believes Abrahamís low blow was the result of frustration or if it was accidental:

ďIt could have been a bit of both. I mean he had a split second to think about what he was doing when he did it, and he certainly had time to think about not throwing the punch and he decided to throw the punch. Maybe that was because he was frustrated, like you said. Thereís a combination of the two. He was definitely losing the fight on everybodyís scorecards and everybody that was watching it had him losing by, I donít know, maybe eight of the ten rounds that were completed. He definitely lost that fight, thatís for sure, and he would have lost the fight had it gone to the scorecards. If the fight would have gone twelve rounds, he would have lost the fight. Maybe like you say, a bit of frustration made him throw that punch that he shouldnít have thrown.Ē

On suffering his first career loss in his last bout against Mikkel Kessler:

ďWell people that have seen it know how the fight went. It was a ĎFight of the Yearí candidate. It was a top elite level fight between two warriors, and as far as Iím concerned I won that fight. So I take a lot of confidence from that fight. The fact that I went over to Herning three days before the fight, which I should not have done reallyóit was delayed because of the volcanic ash clouds. When I was out there I was very tired trying to get into a new sleeping pattern, and a new bed, etc. It affects you physically. I had all that to contend with, and I flew in and I still put on a great performance against a Mikkel Kessler that was in the best shape of his life. As far as Iím concerned I won the fight, and I stand by that. I thought I did enough to win it by one, maybe two rounds. I wouldnít have even given Mikkel Kessler a draw to be honest with you. He didnít deserve a draw, but the scoring went the way it went so Iím living with that, but like I said I take a lot of confidence from that fight.

I have to say that me and Arthur Abraham are both coming off of our first loss, but thereís losing and thereís losing. My fight could have gone either way. I think I won along with 90% of the people I speak to. Arthur Abraham, on the other hand, got totally outclassed and got whopped. Mentally I think itís going to be difficult for him to deal with because not only did he got out classed, he got outclassed by a guy who I previously beat. Itís going to be tough for him to think about fighting a guy that beat someone who beat him, especially in the manner in which he was beaten. I know he takes some sort of pleasure from knocking Dirrell out as he mentioned in the press conferences. Heís out bragging about putting Dirrell in the hospital. Obviously like I said, he takes some pleasure from that which I donít think is right and itís totally wrong to foul blow somebody and then brag about it after and call the guy an Ďactorí. It was out of order.

Like I said, thereís losing and thereís losing. Iím coming off of my first paper loss. On paper I lost, but as far as Iím concerned the fight was a victory for ĎThe Cobraí and Iím now fighting for my belt back. So after I beat Abraham, there will be some form of poetic justice.Ē

His views on reports that Andre Dirrell is suffering neurological damage:

ďYeah, I think itís terrible if it proves to beóobviously not legitimate, but if they got confirmed by a doctor, because obviously itís always inconclusive injuries to any part of the body. He gets an opinion, you need to get an opinion, and you need to get a second opinion, but if it does work out that heís definitely got a neurological problem then I wish Dirrell all the best and hope he makes the best recovery that he can. Whether or not he fights again remains to be seen. Itís a damn shame. Heís a young talented fighter who had a great future ahead of him. So if that is the case, then itís a real shame and a real blow for Dirrell, and I send him my sincere best and hope he makes a full recovery.Ē

On whether he is disappointed that only three of the original six now remain in the tournament after just two rounds:

ďYeah, thereís three out of six. Iím a little bit disappointed, but Iím more disappointed at the fact Kessler is retired because I wanted that rematch. I really did want that rematch. Itís the only loss Iíve got on my record and itís a blemish that I wanted to correct. After beating Abraham, I would have had Kessler next and hopefully on neutral ground so I can prove to everybody that there can only be one winner in a Kessler-Froch rematch and that would be myself, but thatís not going to happen now because obviously heís retired. So thatís disappointing to me. In terms of Dirrell being out and Jermain Taylor being out, Iím not particularly disappointed. I already beat Jermain Taylor and I beat Dirrell. Thatís two fighters right there that Iím not that worried about it.

In terms of the Super Six tournament and is it bad for the tournament, a lot of people have got some negative things to say about it. But if Iím totally honest, I think what it does is it shows that the person whoís going to win this tournamentóand I strongly believe I can still win this tournament. I mean Iím right up there with the three thatís left over. Itís anybodyís really. Wardís probably the favorite because heís unbeaten, but thatís a matter of opinion with styles. Weíll see what happens when I fight Ward. The tournament and the fact that three people have had to retire from it shows that the winner of this tournament is not only the best fighter out of the original Super Six but has also toughed out and has lasted the test of time of the tournament, and the two years the tournamentís been running for, and the hard enduring fights, and the wearing out fights and the pace of the tournament. It shows that not only are you the best fighter, but also you got the mental toughness and the physical toughness to see the tournament to the end.

Obviously Jermain Taylor, he got finished off by myself in our fight and then Abraham caught him in the last round and that was the end of his career. Andre Dirrell is now injured. It just shows you that top level athletes are right up there and can still be injured. Obviously Mikkel Kessler is finished as well. I think the fight that I had with him took so much out of him. I did think that after the fight with me and Kessler that Kessler would retire, and I was right. Kessler is retired. It just shows you how tough the tournament is. The tournamentís great for boxing. It makes top fighters fight each other which we donít see enough of at the minute. Itís a shame that some have dropped out and there has been three fighters injured, but I think it spices the tournament up a little bit, I really do. The three frontrunnersómyself, Andre Ward, and Arthur Abrahamóweíre still in it, and weíre all still in it to win it so itís exciting.Ē

On whether he was surprised that Glen Johnson was chosen as Kesslerís replacement:

ďTo be honest, I was thinking of how old is the guy because he was boxing when I was still an amateur. I thought he had seen better days and I thought he was a light heavyweight, so I was a bit dubious about the whole Glengoffe Johnson coming in, but you got to give the guy credit. Heís a top level fighter. Thereís not many other fighters you could pick really. Thereís a few question marks about him doing super middleweight, but heís a top fighter and he deserves his place in the tournament. I think he does, I really do.Ē

His views on how Joe Calzaghe would have fared if he was included in the Super Six with its current line-up:

ďWell youíve got to say that Calzaghe was a great fighter. One thing he had going for him was his work rate and his pace and his ability to sort of attack in a fight. He would always land his shots even if it wasnít that exciting he threw fast shots and a lot of them. So he seemed to win every round he boxed because of pure work rate and the speed of his hands, but he was a bit suspect around the chin. He hit the deck a couple of times in his last few fights against Hopkins and against Roy Jones. You know there are a couple of big punchers in this tournament so you never know. He would certainly deserve a place in the Super Six, Calzaghe, what a great fighter.

Back to what we were saying about the best fighting the best in this tournament, it pits the best with the best consistently. Thatís something Calzaghe never did. You could probably count on one hand, out of Calzagheís 44-45 fight career, tough opponents and legitimate threat opponents that heís had and thatís over a 44-45 fight career. You can count them on one hand. In my last five fights, I beat Jean Pascal whoís a great fighter. He beat the ĎBadí Chad Dawson, so heís dominating light heavyweight at the minute. So I boxed Pascal, and then I boxed Jermain Taylor, and then I boxed Dirrell, then I boxed Kessler, and now Iíve got Abraham. So this is five fights, top level fights consecutively one after the other and Iíve only had 27 fights in my career. Now thatís the sort of thing that you have to do to secure your legacy and become a legend to remain remembered when you retire. Iím not taking any credit away from Joe Calzaghe or giving him any unnecessary stick, but heís not going to be remembered as being all-time great and thatís because he didnít fight the best fighters, and the top fighters that he did fight they were well past their best and werenít at their peak. Myself, I got a loss on my record but I can assure you when I retire from boxing people are going to say, ĎThat Carl Froch, he fought everybody. He never swerved or ducked anybody and he was a top, top level fighter and someone to be rememberedí and thatís what this tournament is doing for all the fighters. Itís securing my legacy as an all-time great which potentially wouldnít have happened without the tournament, so thatís why I think itís such a great thing for boxing.Ē

His views on Amir Khan as a fighter and his improvements made since teaming up with Freddie Roach, and his views on Khanís claim last week that Froch needs to ďtighten up his defenseĒ:

ďIíve not seen much improvement under Freddie Roach to be honest. I mean Khanís developing and growing all the time as a fighter because heís quite a young man, and heís developing and getting stronger. Heís very quick. Heís very fit because heís young and obviously healthy. He does twelve rounds at a pace. The only major flaw Khanís got is heís got a glass jaw. Now when you got a glass jaw you have to learn to adapt, and that adaptation has to come in the way of fast legs, fast hands, good movement, and fitness because if you canít take a shot fitness does help you absorb a shot a little bit better. So Khanís now learned to move, and box, and keep out of the way of his opponent for twelve rounds which is difficult to do. Youíve got to be super fit to do that, and thatís what he does.

You know, he said Iíve got to tighten my defense up. Thatís fair enough. Maybe there is room for improvement in my defense, but thereís always room for improvement in anybodyís boxing style. The fact that my defense is a little bit low means that I get my big shots off a little bit quicker. Sometimes I shoot from the hip and bring my devastating shots, my uppercuts and my hooks, from awkward angles. If I had my defense as tight as Arthur Abrahamís for example, I wouldnít be able to get them big punches off.

You know boxing is about different peopleís opinions and itís open to criticism whether it be positive or negative. All Iíll say is Amir Khan is a decent fighter. He impressed me in the Olympic, but heís still got quite a lot to prove as a professional. He got absolutely flattened and knocked out in a round by Prescott which everybodyís seen and since then heís not really fought any credible opponents for me to say, ĎYou know what, heís a decent lad whoís doing well and heís fighting top level fightersí. Heís swerved a couple of fights. Itís time he stepped up to the plate. He needs to start fighting the top names in his weight division and getting the respect of other fighters by being involved in top fights. At the minute heís hand-picking his opponents and heís not really impressing anybody. There is no one really putting him up there at the minute, but heís young and heís got time on his side. Iím sure if he sticks with it he can do very well as a professional, but Iíve yet to name someone on his record thatís a top level fighter where Iím impressed with the win. That flattening by Prescott was certainly a bad one.Ē

His views on Jean Pascalís victory against Chad Dawson:

ďI think that was an excellent win for Jean Pascal. The performance he put on against Chad Dawson was brilliant. He was energetic, he was busy, he was moving well, he was boxing at times, and at times he was working in flurries and putting Chad Dawson on his back foot which I didnít think heíd be able to do. Heís not a big, big light heavyweight Jean Pascal. Obviously I fought him at super middle. Heís around about my height and a lot of the light heavyweights seem to be taller and bigger and stronger, but he put one hell of a performance on which I knew he could. I mean a lot of people were rubbish talking him saying, ĎOh, heís got no chance against Chad Dawson, Carl Froch beat him, blah, blah, blahí. I was listening to it, and I thought you know what this guy gets no credit really and I donít get as much credit as I deserve sometimes in boxing.

I just felt like he put on a phenomenal performance against a top, top fighter in Chad Dawson. He beat him fair and square and heíll beat him in the rematch as well after heís wiped the floor with Hopkins, because Iím not giving Hopkins a chance in this fight. Hopkins might move and hold on and fiddle his way through, but Pascal is too fresh and too fast and too fit for the likes of Bernard Hopkins. Thatís going to be a one-sided fight. Pascal will probably beat him on points or maybe even knock him over.Ē

On whether he is still interested in moving up to light heavyweight to have a rematch with Pascal after he finishes his business in the Super Six:

ďOh definitely. Iíve already got my flight booked to Quebec on the 18th of December to watch Jean Pascal against Bernard Hopkins. Iím going out there with my trainer, and my girlfriend, and my son Rocco. Weíre going to go out there and weíre going to give him some support and watch the fight, because thatís a fight I want in the future. Iíve got big, big respect for Jean Pascal as he has me. Weíre sort of friends. We talk now and again on the phone. A friend of mine who lives in Canada and one of my agents in Canada, heís often in a cafť with him in the morning and he puts him on the phone and we have a little chat. So itís two warriors with great respect for each other, like myself and Mikkel Kessler. We sort of befriended each other after a great epic battle and Iím behind Jean Pascal and Iím wishing him all the best. Thatís a fight that he probably wants more than me because the only blemish on his record is that of ĎThe Cobraí. So if he could get the rematch with me and put that straight heíll be happy, and Iím obviously going to be happy to become a two weight world champion because thatís a fight I think I can win even at light heavyweight. Thatís why boxing is so interesting and so exciting, because thereís no animosity and thereís no needle between me and Pascal. Itís strictly business, itís strictly sport, and when we fight each other at light heavyweight, what a great fight for the fans and the boxing public in general.Ē

His views on the Andre Ward-Sakio Bika fight taking place outside the Super Six tournament:

ďI think itís a decision that Showtime has made based on the fact that they maybe donít consider Sakio Bika a feasible addition to the tournament for whatever reason. Maybe itís because heís coming in Group Stage 3, but I mean Glengoffe Johnson is in the same position. So for whatever reason, theyíre doing that, maybe just to keep Andre Ward taking over because heís guaranteed a place anyway in the semis with the points heís got. So maybe theyíre obliged to fulfill that third fight for him and thatís why itís happened, but I can understand why thatís not made a tournament fight. I think it is what it is. If Andre Ward is happy to fight Sakio Bika in a non-tournament fight just to keep him moving and keep the show going, Iím happy with that. Iíve got no real comments on that to be honest.Ē

His views on Lucian Buteís recent victory against Jesse Brinkley:

ďI didnít see it. We donít get those fights over here in England. For whatever reasons the broadcasters donít show it, but a fight between Lucian Bute and Jesse Brinkley to me is a rubbish match and a match that I wouldnít get excited about. To be honest, if it was on Iíd probably turn it off. I wouldnít even watch it. Iíd rather watch Desperate Housewives or something, because I canít be dealing with mismatches in boxing. No major disrespect to Jesse Brinkley, but Lucian Bute is a top level fighter. Heís the IBF world champion. Heís a top level, elite level fighter like myself, but I donít consider him to be as good as me, but Jesse Brinkleyís not up there with the top fighters in the world. Heís had his time in The Contender series, and heís had a bit of success here and there.Ē

His views on the upcoming heavyweight match-up between David Haye and Audley Harrison:

ďYeah, thatís an interesting match. I think David Haye is a massive favorite for all the right reasons. Heís a puncher, heís the world champion, and he has a big heart, loads of courage, and heís aggressive. When heís in there he knows what heís doing, where Audley Harrison on the other hand tends to be a little bit gun shy and tends to be on his back foot and not do the work. Heís done nothing really as a professional to impress me. However, he did knockout Michael Sprott later on in that fight which obviously means he can punch a little bit. So he has got a puncherís chance, but thatís only if David Haye is very careless and out of shape, which I donít think heís going to be. Heís not going to be careless and heís not out of shape, because heís training, sparring hard. I speak to David Haye on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Heís in London and Iím up in Nottingham, but weíre old amateur friends, as is Audley Harrisson actually. I was on the team with Audley Harrison, but Iím more friendly with David Haye than Harrison. So we kept in touch after we split up from the amateurs.

The safe money has got to be on David Haye. You know David Hayeís a puncher. I think the first punch he hits Harrison with, the fight could be close to being over. Heís just got to be careful and not rush in because he could walk into something serious on Harrison, but even if he walks into one Haye, heíll be sound and heíll come back and heíll do the business. Iím sure of that. So I think thatís going to be an impressive win for Haye. Itís an interesting fight and itís one that the public in Britain are getting excited about, because everybody knows who Audley Harrison is from the Olympics and obviously David Haye, when he beat Nicolai Valuevóthe David and Goliath scenario, the whole publicity behind that captured the publicís imagination. So David Haye is a big name and a big star in Britain, and Audley Harrison is a big name for the right or wrong reasons. The more you love him the more you hate him. I donít want to be nasty towards him, but heís not got a massive loving fan base in Britain to say the least. When people turn up, they turn up a lot of the times to see him flattened. Itís an interesting fight, but one that David Haye is going to win Iím sure.Ē

His views on the upcoming fight between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito:

ďManny Pacquiao seems to be ridiculously super fit with a high work rate. Heís coming off the back of some great wins. Youíd have to favor Pacquiao to win on points with a high work rate, but obviously Margaritoís a big puncher. Heís rough and tough. He can take a punch and he can punch himself. If he manages to get Pacquiao trapped in the corner against the ropes or put him on his back foot later on, it could be an upset on the card but I think the smart moneyís on Pacquiao.Ē

His views on the Group Stage 3 match-up between Allan Green and Glen Johnson:

ďIíve not seen loads of Green. I did see the Ward fight and Iíve seen Johnson quite a few times. I think I watched him fight Clinton Woods in Britain, and I saw him knock out Roy Jones. Johnsonís a work horse. He throws a lot of punches. Heís not a massive puncher himself, but there are question marks around his ability to perform at super middleweight. Heís not been a super middleweight for so long. To make the weight is one thing, but to perform at the weight is totally another thing. Obviously I think Green struggles with the weight. He was talking about how he struggled to get down to 168 for the Ward fight and that was one of his reasons for underperforming that night.

I donít know. Iím hoping itís not going to be a flat performance between two guys that struggle at the weight. If it isnít, it could be exciting because Johnsonís got a high work rate and he could bang a bit, and obviously Allan Green can punch so it could be interesting. Iíd favor the fresher younger man in Green. I think Green will probably do a job on Johnson, but I donít think it will be an easy nightís work for him because Johnson is an old war horse and he knows his way around the ring. Heís a very experienced veteran so it could be a mouth-watering fight.Ē

On the fight being fought on neutral ground in Helsinki, Finland:

ďOriginally it was supposed to be in Nottingham because of my fight that was away in Herning, Denmark against Kessler. The original agreement was for them to come to England, but unfortunately Kalle Sauerland isnít a man of his word. Heís reneged on his original deal to come to England, so I lose a lot of respect for the guy as a man from that point of view. Heís not a man of my own breed to say the least, but Showtime has done the right thing. Weíve organized a neutral venue and thatís why itís in Finland because we consider that to be neutral. On top of that, Showtime provided three American neutral judges and a referee, which is unprecedented really. Itís the first time this has ever happened where a TV network has said, ĎAlright, weíre going to provide the judges, and the referee, and the hospitality for them so thereís going to be no excuses about bad judging or politics involved afterí.

So Iím very happy at the fact this is in neutral ground. If it was in England, there would be excuses from Abraham if the fight does go to points, so Iíd rather it be neutral and everybodyís happy. Iím happy with it being in Finland. Iím 100% happy. It was one of Sauerlandís proposals. They put two or three proposals together and it ended up in Finland which means theyíre promoting the show and my promoter Mick Hennessy takes a backseat and has no involvement at all in the promotional side of things which always raises an eyebrow and raises concern in terms of corruption when your promoter is not involved in the promotion of it. Like I said, Showtime stepped in with these judges and I spoke to the promoter out in Finland. The guys that are actually promoting it alongside of Sauerland seem to be all fair and genuine, and the Finnish fans are out there supporting a Finnish heavyweight. So thereís going to be a lot of neutral fans on the night hopefully cheering for the guy who deserves to win. Itís my job to get the fans behind me, but yeah itís alright. Like I said, itís not ideal. Itís going to be freezing cold. Itís going to be dark, but itís a boxing ring at the end of the day and Abrahamís in there and I know what to do to beat him. So Iím looking forward to doing the job.Ē

On whether he expects his fight with Arthur Abraham to go twelve rounds:

ďIt depends on what Abraham does, to be honest. Heís talking about boxing and moving. If he does that, heís probably only going to do it for two or three rounds and then heís going to realize heís being outboxed by the taller more rangy man in myself. So then if he decides to keep boxing, the fight will probably go the distance. I donít take any risks. Iím a clever boxer. I know what Iím doing. I do get drawn into a fight now and again, so if he decides to come forward and have a bit of a swing which is nine times out of ten what he usually does. He could see himself walking into or finding himself at the end of one of my big shots. At super middleweight, Iím not sure heís proven.

Heís had two fights at super middleweight. Heís won one and lost one. So letís not forget heís a natural middleweight coming up to 168. So heís in unknown territory because heís now in with a puncher at super middleweight. It's an ex-world champion whoís looking to get his belt back after it was wrongly taken off him in Herning that night. Heís going to find himself in new territory. The fight could end with Abraham getting flattened quite early depending on what he decides to bring to the table. If heís committed to come and box and move, then heíll get outboxed for twelve rounds and it will be a ĎCobraí victory on points. Iíve got a feeling heíll step in and start trying to take another swing up, which means heíll walk into something like he did with Dirrell. He got put over with Dirrell and he was cut, bruised, swelled up, and he was looking in serious trouble. He lost every round against Dirrell, and letís not forget thatís a guy I beat. Heís not got much to look forward to Abraham, in terms of this fight.Ē

On what he feels is the most important thing he needs to do to be successful against Abraham:

ďIíve got to stay focused and concentrate for the full three minutes of every round, because I switch off quite a lot. When Iím training and sparring and when Iím fighting, I donít always maintain my discipline in my own mind. Sometimes I just come jabbing and Iím going through the motions. Itís important that I stay focused and execute my game plan that myself and Robert McCracken are working on. If I do that it will be an easy nightís work for me, it really will. Fitness is paramount and thatís what Iíve been working onóa lot of hills, a lot of roads, a lot of hill work, a lot of rounds in sparring, and pounding the bags and really pressing the roads. Iím even cycling as well as an addition to my training. Iím not cycling instead of something else. Iím doing some cycling like twenty-five mile bike rides two or three times a week to give me some strength in my legs.

Fitness is paramount. After that itís just a matter of executing my game plan which means Iíve got to focus and concentrate. Thatís all I need to do really. I just need to make sure Iím switched on that night and Iím thinking about what Iím doing and the fightís mine, it really is. If you put myself and Arthur Abraham into a computer, 10 times out of 10 that computer says Carl Froch is the winner. Heís got more range, heís got more power, heís been a super middleweight for the last ten years, heís fought better fighters, heís a puncher, heís got a granite chinóyou know Arthur Abraham canít beat me. Really, he canít beat me. Obviously itís boxing and the guy can punch, but I need to stay focused to execute my game plan. As long as I do that right, it should be an easy nightís work. Thereís never an easy nightís work in boxing, but it should be a relatively comfortable night for me.Ē

His official prediction on his fight with Abraham:

ďI canít answer that question. I really canít because I donít know what heís going to bring to the table. Like a great legend once said, Bruce Lee, ĎFor every action thereís a reactioní. Whatever he brings to the table, however he acts I will react. So if he comes to fight heís getting knocked out. If he comes to box the fightís going twelve rounds. Itís as simple as that. I donít know what heís going to do so I canít answer that question, but Iíll tell you one thingóCarl Froch is winning his title back on the 27th of November.Ē


For those interested in listening to the Carl Froch interview in its entirety, it begins approximately sixteen minutes into the program.


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